long stayer dive plan

「Dive more, Save more」

We have started offering long-stayer dive plan called "Dive more, Save more."  The discount rate will increase based on the number of dives.You can stay for up to 3 months at the maximum.

Discount rate

(1)The discount rate will increase according to the number of dives.
(2)We will offer a discount for customers who have completed 20 dives or more with us.
(3)We will offer a discount of 0.5% per dive based on the number of times you have dived with us.
(4)The maximum discount rate is 30%.
[Example] Customers who have completed 48 dives will receive a 24% discount.

20dives 21dives 22dives 23dives 24dives 25dives 26dives 27dives 28dives 29dives
10% off 10.5% off 11% off  11.5% off  12% off 12.5% off  13% off 13.5% off 14% off 14.5% off

30dives 31dives 32dives 33dives 34dives 35dives 36dives 37dives 38dives 39dives
15% off 15.5% off 16% off  16.5% off  17% off 17.5% off  18% off 18.5% off 19% off 19.5% off

40dives 41dives 42dives 43dives 44dives 45dives 46dives 47dives 48dives 49dives
20% off 20.5% off 21% off  21.5% off  22% off 22.5% off  23% off 23.5% off 24% off 24.5% off

50dives 51dives 52dives 53dives 54dives 55dives 56dives 57dives 58dives 59dives
25% off 25.5% off 26% off  26.5% off  27% off 27.5% off  28% off 28.5% off 29% off 29.5% off

30% off                  

20dives 10% off
21dives 10.5% off
 22dives  11% off
 23dives  11.5% off
 24dives  12% off
 25dives  12.5% off
 26dives  13% off
27dives 13.5% off
28dives 14% off
29dives 14.5% off

30dives 15% off
31dives 15.5% off
 32dives  16% off
 33dives  16.5% off
 34dives  17% off
 35dives  17.5% off
 36dives  18% off
37dives 18.5% off
38dives 19% off
39dives 19.5% off

40dives 20% off
41dives 20.5% off
 42dives  21% off
 43dives  21.5% off
 44dives  22% off
 45dives  22.5% off
 46dives  23% off
47dives 23.5% off
48dives 24% off
49dives 24.5% off

50dives 25% off
51dives 25.5% off
 52dives  26% off
 53dives  26.5% off
 54dives  27% off
 55dives  27.5% off
 56dives  28% off
57dives 28.5% off
58dives 29% off
59dives 29.5% off

60dives 30% off


Items applicable include

The discount is applicable for fun dives, early morning dives, and night dives.

Items not applicable for discount include

Boat charters, expedition fees, rental equipment, PADI courses, jellyfish lake tours, Milky Way tours, and other similar services are not eligible for discounts.


To reduce the risk of decompression sickness, we limit the maximum number of consecutive diving days to 7.

Accommodation fee

We offer accommodations in hotels and condominiums located within Koror. The monthly rate is approximately $1,500, which includes electricity and water bills. Most properties are conveniently located in the town area. Please let us know if you require a kitchen or have any other requests, and we will make the reservation on your behalf.


Regarding visa

Palau offers a tourist visa that allows you to stay for up to 3 months. If you plan to stay for less than a month, no visa is required. If you plan to stay for more than a month, you can easily extend your visa at the immigration office in Koror. The extension fee is $50 for each additional month.


Inquiry and Application

Please contact us at the following email address for inquiries.
P.O.BOX 10061Koror,Republic of Palau 96940
call (680) 488-6691