Cruise Control Direct

We are now open for reservations.United Air lines(Guam to Palau /  Manila to Palau) and China Air Lines(Taipei to Palau) have some flights regulary.Please make a booking and dive Palau. (10/FEB/2023) 


New tax

PGST(Palau goods and services tax) will be started from 1st January 2023. All prices on our web-site are not included PGST10%. We would like to offer a PGST10% at payment.

Entry information

Palau goverment

The Palau government does not require a nagative certificate for covid-19 if you have vacctinated twice. Please check Palau goverment web site.(10/FEB/2023) ... for more info

free down load

photo library

We would like you to use our underwater photos for free.Every photos are 600px wide.If you like a bigger size,You can click [Down Load larger Image].The lareger Images are 1500px wide.


Dive in Peleliu


You can dive in Peleliu.The Peleliu Island is located 70minutes from Koror with speed boat.We can reach to the huge group of Giant Trevally.So strong current and over 100 feet deep dive at Peleliu Corner and Peleliu Express.It is good for the divers who has 100 dive experience and more.

NEW T-shirts


1st Jun 2018 We have relesed a new design of our T-shirts.This is 22nd our design since 1999.  18 kinds of sharks are confirmed  in Palau. We designed all  kinds of sharks. The price is 28 dollars each.

Long Stayer plan

Special offer

[Long Stayer Plan]  We have some special rates for the long stayers. More than 10 days dive, We would like to offer special discounted rate. 20%off (10-14 days dive),30%off (15-19 days dive),40%off (20 and more days dive).  .... We are sorry.This plan is temporarily unavailable.

Smart Valve

make your dive safety 

We have a smart valve on each scuba cylinders.When you rotate the valve,the red color parts will be covered with green color parts. It is so simple. Green means ok. Red means not ok. This system will make your dive safety. 

Group Dive

 4 persons and more

We Cruise Control Dive Shop is waiting for the diver group. The dive Shop or  the dive team and so on. We would like to offer you a charter boat style. You will have some more informations. Pls contact us now. via e-mail

Cruise Control and SNS

FB and Instagram

Please follow us. We like to offer a our special sticker as give a way to our followers.



We have some digital cameras and water proof housings for rental. Rental price is $35 for 1 day. We will send all pictures you took with air drop for your iphone.

Rental Gears

Set price is only $40

We have 50 sets of scuba gear and 100 suits for rental. We like to offer you all gear rental a day is only $40. Please try our high maintenanced equipments.